French pianist and teacher born in Paris, France and living in Meudon, near Paris.

After three years at the C.I.M. Jazz School in Paris, I have studied (1986-1989) at the Dick Grove School of music in Los Angeles: piano, harmony, arrangement and composition for orchestra with Dick Grove Dick Grove, Lou Levy Lou Levy , Clare Fischer Clare Fischer, David Angel, Joyce Collins Joyce Collins and others...

I have  played in trio, quartet, quintet, in different contexts, and I  have a teaching experience of more than twenty-five years, in private piano lessons as well as piano and harmony courses in jazz schools (namely Alan  Silva's IACP in Paris).   

Hearing the pianist Bill Evans for the first time in 1965, and soon convinced he was one of the greatest masters in the history of jazz piano, I transcribed his music for more than 35 years (yes, dear Bill, you never knew it but I took private lessons with you for years and I learnt so much from you !).

At the beginning it was a way to understand the sound of his voicings, his harmonic system, his personal treatment of the standards, the architecture of his own compositions, and the amazing mixing of control and emotion at the same time which characterized his interpretations. And I discovered a magic world, a music whose perfection was really astonishing, being unwritten: I realized the music that I got on paper was richer than I could imagine when simply listening.

Then I could not help transcribing, with as much accuracy as I could.

It resulted in a good number of scores, some of which have been published. I wish the others would be made available to the Bill Evans lovers all over the world.

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