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Bill Evans Lead Sheets



Bill Evans was a master in interpreting standards and the piano players have always been looking after his harmonizations (He used to make arrangements, reharmonization, rephrasing the melodic line at the week points whenever necessary).

To get a quite complete picture of his work  I felt interesting (but ambitious too !) to make leadsheets  "As played by Bill Evans " of most of the  standards and non-originals he recorded , including first of all his favorite tunes, those which stayed in his repertoire permanently.

It took me one year to gather  more than two hundred leadsheets showing his key choices , chord changes, intros, endings, codas and counterlines whenever possible. In doing this kind of  "Bill Evans fake book of standards", I never used printed material, I made the leadsheets only by my own listening and transcribing the best recorded versions of each tune. This material has not been published yet

I did also the transcription, complete or not, of many of these tunes: see the page "Bill Evans Books" (published transcriptions) or "Bill Evans transcriptions" (non-published transcriptions).


After You (Cole Porter ) "New Conversations"

Alfie (Burt Bacharach) "Montreux II"

Alice In Wonderland (Fain-Hilliard) "Sunday At The Village Vanguard"

All of You (Cole Porter)"Marian McPartland' s Jazz Interview"

All The Things You Are (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) "The Solo Sessions Vol. 2"), "Alone"

Alone Together (Dietz-Schwartz) "Live At The Trident Sausalito"

As Time Goes By (Hermann Hupfeld) "The Ivory Hunters"

Autumn in New-York (Vernon Duke) "The Solo Sessions Vol. 2"

Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma) "Live In Paris 1972, Vol. 2"

The Bad and The Beautiful (David Raskin) "Together Again" w/ Tony Bennett

Baubles, Bangles and Beads (R. Wright-G. Forrest) "Live At The Trident, Sausalito"

Beautiful Love (Victor Young) "The Paris Concert Edition I"

Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk) "Conversations With Myself " - One of the few blues played by Bill Evans who was not particularly interested in this style, it is well known. The recording session was partly devoted to Monk's work since not less than three of his compositions were recorded: 'Round Midnight, Blue Monk and Bemsha Swing. only Round Midnight remained in the repertoire of the trio.

Blue Serge (Mercer Ellington) "Intuition"

Body and Soul (Green-Heyman-Sour-Eyton) "Affinity"

The Boy Next Door (Hugh Martin-Ralph Blane) "Explorations"

But Beautiful (J. Burke-J. Van Heusen) "Since We Met"

But Not For Me (G. Gershwin) "Eloquence"

California Here I Come (Jolson-DeSylva-Meyer) "Jazz House"

A Child Is Born (Thad Jones) "Quintessence"

Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen-Johnny Mercer) "Trio 65"

Dancing in The Dark (Dietz Schwartz) "Trio 64"

Danny Boy (Trad.) "Empathy"

Darn That Dream (Van heusen) "Undercurrent" w/ Jim Hall

The Days of Wine And Roses (H. Mancini-J. Mercer) Live In Norway, Molde, Aug. 1980, DVD - with a very nice intro.

Deed I Do (Fred Rose - Walter Hirsch) ("Live At The Trident, Sausalito")

Detour Ahead (Carter-Ellis-Frigo) "Waltz For Debby"

Django (John Lewis) "Montreux III"

The Dolphin (Luis Eça) "From Left To Right"

Dolphin dance (Herbie Hancock) "I Will Say Goodbye"

Dream Gipsy (Veevers) "Undercurrent", w/ Jim Hall"

Driftin' (Dan Haerle) "Montreux III"

Easy Living (Leo Robin-Ralph Rainger) "New Jazz Conceptions"

Easy To Love (Cole Porter) "Conception" - Key of Ab

Elsa (Earl Zindars) "Trio 65", "Montreux III", "Since We Met"

Embraceable You (G. Gershwin) "Montreux 68"

Emily (Johnny Mandel-J. Mercer) "Autumn Leaves"

Everything Happens To Me (Matt Dennis-T. Adair) "Trio 64"

A Face Without a Name (Claus Ogerman) "Intuition"

Falling Grace (Steve Swallow) "Intuition"

For All We Know (Fred Coots-S. Lewis) "We Will Meet Again"

For Heaven's Sake (Meyer-Bretton-Edwards) "Trio 64"

Gary's Theme (Gary McFarland) "You Must Believe In Spring" - A.K.A. "Gary's Waltz"

Gloria's Step (Scott LaFaro) "The Tokyo Concert"

Gone With The Wind (A. Wrubel-Magidson) "Eloquence"

Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins) "Jazz House"

Grandfather' s Waltz (Lasse Farnlof) "Bill Evans Trio feat. Stan Getz"

Green Dolphin Street (B. Kaper-Washington) "Jazz Tracks", w/ Miles Davis

Haunted Heart (J. Freen-H. Dietz) "Explorartions"

Here's That Rainy Day (J. Van Heusen) "Alone"

Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (B. Kaper) "Intuition"

A House Is Not a Home (Burt Bacharach) "I Will Say Goodbye"

How About You (Freed-Lane) "The Solo Sessions Vol. 2"

How Deep Is The Ocean (I. Berlin) "Jazz House", "Explorations"

How My Heart Sings (Earl Zindars) "Jazz House", "Trio 65"

Hullo Bolinas (Steve Swallow) "The Tokyo Concert"

I Believe In You (Frank Loesser) "Empathy"

I Do It For Your Love (Paul Simon) "The Paris Concert Edit. I", "Live In Buenos-Aires"

I Fall In Love Too Easily (J.Styne-S.Cahn) "Moonbeams"

If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron) "Turn Out The Stars", Village Vanguard 1980, CD 4

I Got It Bad (Duke Ellington-P.Webster) "New Jazz Conceptions"

I Hear a Rhapsody (Fragos-Baker-Gasparre) "Undercurrent", w/ Jim Hall

I'll Remember April (Raye-De Paul-Johnston) "The Secret Sessions"

Played in 3/4 (rather unusual), key of G.

I'll See You Again (Noel Coward) "Trio 64"

I Love You (Cole Porter) "Montreux III"

I Loves You Porgy (G. Gershwin-Heyward) "The Paris Concert Edit. 1"

I'm All Smiles (Michael Leonard-H.Martin) "From Left To Right"

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (G.Bassman-N.Washington) "A Simple Matter Of Conviction"

In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington-Mills-Kurtz) "Eloquence"

In Love In Vain (Kern-Robin) "Moonbeams"

Invitation (B. Kaper-P.Webster) "Invitation"

In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck) "Alone Again", "In His Own Way"

I Should Care (Cahn-Stordahl-Weston) "At Town Hall"

Isn't It Romantic (Rodgers-Hart) "Eloquence"

Israel (John Carisi) "Trio 65"

It Amazes Me (Cy Colemen-C.Leigh) "Eloquence"

It Might As Well Be Spring (Rodgers-Hammerstein) "Moonbeams"

It Must Be Love (Sam Brown) "Complete Verve Recordings CD18"

I've Got You Under My Skin (Cole porter) "Intermodulation"

I Will Say Goodbye (Michel Legrand) "I Will Say Goodbye"

I Wish I Knew (Gordon-Warren) "Explorations"

Laura (David Raksin-J. Mercer) "A Simple Matter Of Conviction"

Like Someone In Love (Burke-Van heusen) "Turn Out The Stars", Village Vanguard 1980

Little Lulu (Kaye-Wise-Lippman) "Trio 64"

Lonely Girl (Neal Hefti-J. Livingston-R. Evans) "Together Again", w/ Tony Bennett

Lover Man (Davis-Ramirez-Sherman) "Live In Europe Vol. 1", 1974

Lucky to Be Me (L. Bernstein-Comden-Green) "Everybody Digs Bill Evans"

Make Someone Happy (J.Styne-Green-Comden) "At Town Hall"

Martina (Michel Legrand) "Quintessence"

Theme From M.A.S.H. (Johnny Mandel) "You Must Believe In Spring"

Midnight Mood (Joe Zawinul) "Since We met"

Milano (John Lewis) "Montreux III"

Minha (Francis Hime) "The Paris Concert", 1976

Minority (Gigi Gryce) "Everybody Digs Bill Evans"

Morning Glory (Bobbie Gentry) "The Tokyo Concert"

Mother of Earl (Earl Zindars) "Montreux 68" Bill Evans had already recorded this tune in 1957 with guitarist Joe Puma ("Joe Puma/Jazz"). He took to the session his friend's composition which was given its name by Joe Puma. And I have it from swiss pianist Juerg Sommer who met Bill at the Montreux jazz festival that he wrote the chord changes. Juerg Sommer: " (Bill) was so helpful to write everything down for me on a piece of paper telling me that he had harmonized the melody that Earl Zindars had given him".

My Foolish Heart (Washington-Young) "Consecration", "At Town Hall", "Live In Buenos-Aires"

My Heart Stood Still (Rodgers-Hart) "Trio 64", "Green Dolphin St."

My Man's Gone Now (G.Gershwin) "Letter To Evan", "Live At Balboa Jazz Club"

My Melancholy Baby (Ernie Burnett) "A Simple Matter of Conviction"

My Romance (Rodgers-Hart) "The Tokyo Concert"

Nancy With The Laughing Face (Van Heusen-Phil Silvers) "Know What I Mean?", w/ Cannonball Adderley

Nardis (Miles Davis) "Montreux 68"

The Nature of Things (Irvin Rochlin) "Intuition"

Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingstone-Ray Evans) "Alone"

Night & Day (Cole Porter) "Everybody Digs Bill Evans"

Nobody Else But Me (Kern-Hammerstein) "I Will Say Goodbye"

Noelle's Theme (Michel Legrand) "The Paris Concert Edition I"

On a Clear Day (J. McHugh) Alone"

Orson's Theme (Michel Legrand) "From The 70's" - A waltz that is not among the most well known songs of the french composer and was recorded for "I Will Say Goodbye", May, 1977.

Our Love Is Here To Stay (G. Gershwin) "Trio 65", "You' re Gonna Heart From Me", "The Solo Sessions Vol.2"

The Peacocks (Jimmy Rowles) "You Must Believe In Spring"

Peau Douce (Steve Swallow) "I Will Say Goodbye"

- See S. Swallow's lead sheet: www.wattxtrawatt.com/leadsheetsswallow.htm

People (Jule Styne) "Alone Again"

Polka Dots and Moonbeams (J. Van Heusen-Burke) "Turn Out The Stars"

Quiet Light (Earl Zindars) "I Will Say Goodbye"

Quiet Now (Denny Zeitlin) "Quiet Now"

Round Midnight (T. Monk-Williams-Hanighen) "Trio 65", "You' re Gonna Hear From Me"

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Fred Coots-H. Gillespie) "Trio 64", "The Solo Sessions Vol. 2"

Sareen Jurer (Earl Zindars) "Since We Met"

Saudade Do Brasil (Antonio C. Jobim) "Eloquence"

Seascape (Johnny Mandel) "I Will Say Goodbye"

The Second Time Around (J. Van Heusen-S. Cahn) "Quintessence"

See-Saw (Cy Coleman) "Since We Met"

The Shadow of Your Smile (Johnny. Mandel) "The Secret Sessions"

A Sleepin' Bee (Harold Arlen-Capote) "Montreux 68", "Quiet Now"

Sno' Peas (Phil Markowitz) "Affinity"

Soirée (Earl Zindars) "From Left To Right"

Solar (Miles Davis) "Sunday at The Village Vanguard"

Someday My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill-L. Morey) From "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" "Live In Paris" , 1972

Some Other Time (L. Bernstein) "Waltz For Debby"

Sometime Ago (Sergio Mihanovich) "You Must Believe In Spring"

Spartacus Love Theme (Alex North) "Conversations w/ Myself", "What' s New", w/ Jeremy Steig

Spring Is Here (Rodgers-Hart) "At Town Hall"

Stairway to The Stars (Parish-Malneck-Signorelli) "Moonbeams"

Star Eyes (Raye-De Paul) "A Simple Matter Of Conviction"

Stella By Starlight (Victor Young) "Conversations with Myself", "Live In Buenos-Aires"

The Summer Knows (Michel Legrand) "Montreux III"

Sweet and Lovely (Gus Arnheim) "Explorations"

Tenderly (W. Gross-J. Lawrence) "Everybody Digs Bill Evans"

This Is All I Ask (Gordon Jenkins) "Marian McPartland' s Jazz Interview"

A Time For Love (Johnny Mandel) "Alone"

The Touch Of Your Lips (Ray Noble) "Alone Again", "Marian McPartland' s Jazz Interview"

Up With The Lark (J. Kern-L. Robin)"The Tokyo Concert", "The Paris Concert Edit. 1"

Venutian Rhythm Dance (Clive Stevens) "Montreux III"

What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life (Michel Legrand) "Live In Paris 1972 Vol. 3"

What Kind of Fool Am I (Bricusse-Newley) "Alone Again"

When I Fall In Love (Heyman-Young) "Portrait In Jazz", "Live At Boalboa Jazz Club"

When In Rome (Coleman-Leigh) "Eloquence"

Who Can I Turn Too (Bricusse-Newley) "At Town Hall"

Who Cares (G. Gershwin) "Know What I Mean,", w/ C. Adderley

Why Did I Choose You (Michael Leonard) "From Left To Right"

Witchcraft (Cy Coleman -Leigh) "Portrait In Jazz"

With a Song In My Heart (R. Rodgers) "Empathy"

Without a Song (Vincent Youmans-Rose-Eliscu) "You Must Believe In Spring"

Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Koeler-Moll-Barris) "California Here I Come"

Yesterday I Heard The rain (A. Manzanero-Gene Lees) "The Tokyo Concert"

Yesterdays (J. Kern-O.Harbach) "Further Conversations w/ Myself"

You and The Night And The Music (Dietz-Schwarz) "Consecration", "Green Dolphin St.", "B. Evans trio Feat. Stan Getz"

You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye-De Paul) "Together Again", w/ Tony Bennett

You Must Believe In Spring (Michel Legrand- Bergman) "You Must Believe In Spring"

Young and Foolish (A. Horwitt-A. Hague) "Everybody Digs Bill Evans", "The Tony Bennett - Bill Evans Album" Listen to my version on the Music page

You're Gonna Hear From Me (A. Previn) "You' re Gonna Hear From Me"





Most of these leadsheets have been printed in my "Bill Evans Fake Book".

Many compositions were dedicated by Bill Evans to close friends and relatives, a proof of his constant attention to others...


B Minor Waltz

Bill's Belle: Probably written around 1978. This title is not Bill's.

Bill's Hit Tune

Blue in Green

C Minor Blues Chase

Carnival: His longest composition: a 80 measures waltz.

Catch The Wind

Children's Play Song

Chromatice Tune: A well-named composition, probably written in 1966. The lead sheet was published thirty years later in my "Bill Evans Fake Book". The only existing recording  is a private one published by Evan Evans in the "Practice Tapes" and presented as an "unnamed composition". It is also one of the five Bill Evans originals selected by Chick Corea for his CD "Further Explorations", but under the title: "Song N°1", I don't know why... 

Comrade Conrad




For Nenette

Fudgesicle Built For Four


Funny Man

Fun Ride

G Waltz

Here's Something For You

Hollywood (Bill Evans-Claus Ogerman)


It's Love It's Christmas

Knit For Mary F.

Know What I Mean ? "Composed" in the recording studio, it is a modal improvisation based on a three minor chord sequence.


Letter To Evan

Loose Bloose


My Bells

No Cover, No Minimum

NYC's No Lark

One For Helen

Only Child

The Opener

Orbit - Recorded only once for"A Simple Matter of Conviction".

Peri's Scope

Peace Piece


Re:Person I Knew

Remembering The Rain

Show Type Tune

A Simple Matter of Conviction

Since We Met

Song For Helen

Story Line

Sugar Plum (J.Court-Bill Evans) I like especially the version from the concert at Newport Jazz Festival, June 25, 1976: www.wolfgangssvault.com

Theme (What you Gave)

There Came You: dates Feb. 23, 1962. First recording was in quintet for "Loose Bloose", August 1962. 

These Things Called Changes

Thirty-Four Skidoo

Tiffany: written March 2, 1980 for Joe Labarbera's daughter, born Feb. 29, 1980. Bill Evans comment was: "It's a nice melodic little waltz".

Time Out For Chris: a blues in C written by Bill Evans for the album "What's New" (early 1969) with flutist Jeremy Steig.

Time Remembered: dates early 1962. The first recording was in quintet for "Loose Bloose" in August 1962, but according to Peter Tettinger, it had been previously taped in spring 1962 for the Sunday morning series Camera Three.

Turn Out The Stars

T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Tune)

T.T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Tune Two) With his humor, and his cleverness as a composer, Bill would have been able to write a dozen like this !! He would have come with: " Twelve Tone Tune Twelve" ...!

Very Early

Walkin' Up

Waltz For Debby

Waltz In Eb

We Will Meet Again

Yet Never Broken

Your Story


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