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Five books of my work on Bill Evans's music have been released at this time in the U.S.A., three of them being devoted to his own compositions, following a first  book of standards.

(Special thanks to Judy Bell at TRO who gave me the opportunity to publish my transcriptions).


        The Artistry of Bill Evans

                                                1989, CPP/Belwin, Inc.

   92 pages - Complete note for note transcriptions (except "Never Let Me Go"- head   only) of:

  Alfie ("Montreux II", June 19, 1970)

  But Beautiful ("Since We Met" ,Jan., 1974 )

  Dolphin Dance ("I Will Say Goodbye", May, 1977)

  Emily ("Autumn Leaves", July 18, 1969, Pescara, Italy)

  I Will Say Goobye ("I Will Say Goodbye", May, 1977)

  Never Let Me Go ("Alone", Sept.-Oct.,1968)

  Seascape ("I Will Say Goodbye", May, 1977)

  The Summer Knows ("Montreux III", July 20, 1975)

  A Time For Love ("Alone", Sept.-Oct. 1968)

  You Must Believe In Spring ("You Must Believe In Spring," Aug.1977)







                                                                    1996, TRO -The Richmond Organization

112 pages - Leadsheets of 60 compositions by Bill Evans, plus leadsheets of Blue In Green (Miles Davis- Bill Evans) and Quiet Now (Denny Zeitlin) and transcriptions of:

  Epilogue ("Bill Evans At Town Hall", Feb.21, 1966) C.T.

  Fudgesickle Built For Four ("Loose Bloose", Aug.21-22, 1962)  H.O.

  Interplay ("Interplay", July 16-17, 1962) H.O.

  Loose Bloose ("Loose Bloose", Aug.21-22, 1962) H.O.

"C.T." for "complete transcription" , "H.O. for "head only".

Here you will find almost every original he recorde . To get leadsheets as close as possible from the way he used to play the tune, I did a lot of listening, comparing and transcribing. I think I listened to no less than twelve versions of Waltz For Debby !

Eight compositions have not been recorded by Bill Evans to my knowledge, and we know them only thanks to the lead sheets he gave to his publisher:

Bill's Belle: the first title was: "(Just A) Beginner in Love", with Lyric by Larry  Coleman.                         CMinor Blues Chase                                                                                                                                      Carnival: his longest tune, 80 measures.                                                                                                      Catch The Wind: the first title was:"Get Yourself Another Fool" with lyric by Larry Coleman.    Chromatic Tune: was probably written in 1966                                                                                                 It's Love It's Christmas: both words and music by Bill Evans, something rare !                                      Theme (What You Gave): probably written around 1978, and initially entitled: "Don't Count Your Dreams (Till They Come True).                                                                                                                                Waltz in Eb: probably written in 1966.   


        Bill Evans at Town Hall   

                                                      2004, TRO - The Richmond Organization                               

80 pages - Note for note complete transcriptions (except Funny Man, head only):

From "Bill Evans At Town Hall (Feb. 21, 1966, NYC, Town Hall):

  Prologue (piano solo)

  Story Line (piano solo)

  Turn Out The stars (piano solo)

  Epilogue (piano solo)

  One For Helen

  Who Can I Turn To

From "A Simple Matter Of Conviction"(Oct. 11, 1966, New Jersey):

  Only Child


From "Further Conversations With Myself "( Aug.9, 1967, NYC, Webster hall):

  Funny Man (arrangement for one piano)



All compositions by Bill Evans except Who Can I Turn To


With  my performance notes for Prologue, Story line, Turn out The Stars, Epilogue, One For Helen, Who Can I Turn To.


              The Mastery of  Bill Evans

                                                                2006, TRO - The Richmond  Organization

  40 pages - Performance notes and note for note complete transcriptions of :

  Very Early ("Montreux II", June 19, 1970)  trio live performance

  Waltz For Debby ("Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Interview", Nov. 6, 1978)  piano solo

  Waltz For Debby ("The Bill Evans Album", May-June 1971)  trio recording



                                                       2013, TRO - The Richmond Organization

72 pages - Foreword by Enrico Pieranunzi

14 transcriptions:

B Minor Waltz - Fun Ride - Funkallero - Maxine - My Bells - Quiet Now - Remembering the Rain - Since We Met - Song for Helen - 34 Skidoo - Time Remembered - The Two Lonely People - We Will Meet Again - Your Story



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